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Go to record Soldiers Soldiers' & Widows' Pension Details - 1896
 Soldiers Pension Details - 1896

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Date transcribed2009-00-00
Transcribed byPeter Rogers
CommentThe following data were taken in 1896 as a 'snapshot' of Pensioners who were formerly in service in India with the East India Company's Armies and/of the Indian Army. These data are transcribed from IOR/L/MIL/14/214

Note that many of the entries were made by persons with lack of knowledge of placenames or other details unfamiliar to better education. Accordingly, some of the spelling is not 'standard'!

IOR Reference  L/MIL/14/214 f.5    
Surname  Aindow    
First Name(s)  Thomas    
Record Date  01-Jun    
Record Year  1896    
Address  2,Dora St.Edge Hill, Liverpool.    
Born  Downham,Norfolk. 24th.Nov.1818.     
Trade  Cordwainer/Gardener.    
Enlisted  Liverpool 1st.Feb 1843.    
Regiment(s)  (1). 2nd.Bengal Eur.Regt,late 2nd.Bengal Fusiliers. (2). 1st.Assam Lt.Inf.Battalion,Degroghur.(3). 25th.Native Inf. Burmah.(4) 34th.Nat.Inf..(5) 6th.Bengal Lt.Inf.Cawnpore.    
Served Under  Col.Penny,2nd.E.Ben Fusiliers,Agra. Major H$$$ey, 1st.Assam Lt.Inf.,Col.Matthews,6th.N.Inf.$$$$$, Bairac$$eocer,Cawnpore.     
Discharged  Cawnpore,May 1862.(Pd.8th.October).    
Cause of Discharge  Completion of 21 years service.    
Medals  One, two bars.Chillian Wallah,Googerat.    
Regimental Number  24, European Ben.Fusiliers.    
Wounds or Distinguishing Marks  Wounded at Googerat.Right leg.    
Notes  Noted as ""Gardener in Poll"" & as"" Pd"" 8 October on discahrge.    
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In 1896 the Military Pension authorities determined to take a 'snapshot' of ex-soldiers of the EIC & Indian Armies who were receiving a pension in Europe. This snapshot provides very interesting details of the careers of each soldier and each widow receiving a pension.
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