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 Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce
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Birth, marriages and death entries extracted from the domestic occurrences mentioned in the 'Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce' which was the pre-cursor for the Times of India.
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Marriages 1844
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click to view detail Pogson W R Farnworth Juliet Augusta 1844 Nov 5
click to view detail Sussex William Robinson Georgina 1844 Jan 10
click to view detail Maidment William Dilley Jane 1844 Jan 23
click to view detail Duncan William Burtsal Ann 1844 Feb 6
click to view detail Maples William Westmacott Henrietta 1844 Feb 26
click to view detail Brydon William Macintyre Colina Maxwell 1844 Apr 10
click to view detail Stalkar William Daly Margaret 1844 Jul  
click to view detail Griffith William Henderson Emily 1844 Sep 21
click to view detail Cockburn William Laing Agnes 1844 Oct 4
click to view detail Robertson William Brown Jessie 1844 Oct 9
click to view detail Binnoch William Sanders H 1844 Nov 12
click to view detail Mayne William Davidson Helen Cunliffe 1844 Dec 7
click to view detail Sherman William Brampton Pettingal Ellen 1844 Nov 14
click to view detail Gilmore William Fairlie Fraser Margaret Emma 1844 Jan 26
click to view detail Grant William Frederic Chalmers Patton Emelia Rebecca Torrens 1844 May 27
click to view detail Templeton William Greenwood Cameron Catherine Eliza 1844 May 22
click to view detail Pascal William Larkins Perry Celestina Euphemia 1844 Jun 24
click to view detail Johnston William Montague Reynolds Isabella Augusta 1844 Nov 21
click to view detail Grey William S Russell Georgiana 1844 Jul 2
click to view detail Snow William Stephens McMunn Frances Maria 1844 Jun 19
click to view detail Taylor William Stephens Inglis Amelia 1844 Jun 15
click to view detail Novis William Wilmer Russel Elizabeth 1844 Mar 25
click to view detail Scott Winckworth Sinclair Sophia 1844 Mar 28
click to view detail Campbell Wm Beach Emelia 1844 Jun 11
click to view detail Downing WP Chapman Mariane 1844 Mar 21
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