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 St Georges Cathedral, Madras
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Digital photographs of headstones and memorial inscriptions located at St Georges Cathedral and Cemetery, Madras.
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St George’s Cathedral Images - Name Index
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click to view detail Thomas Diana Elizabeth 26 May 1839
click to view detail Thomas Diana 11 January 1844
click to view detail Filson Robert 26 Sepember 1830
click to view detail Griffiths Frances 29 August 1866
click to view detail Craigie Jessie Eleanor 1 March 1858
click to view detail Campbell Ann Augusta 16 August 1845
click to view detail Plant J F A ********* 1865
click to view detail McQuade Jannette 9 Sept 1863 ?
click to view detail Foster Robert Basil Boothby 5 December 1927
click to view detail Chellappa D 25 August 1964
click to view detail Corrie Daniel 2 Feb 1837
click to view detail Ashe Robert William D'Escourt 17 June 1911
click to view detail Lushington James Stephen 12 Sept 1832
click to view detail Ayling Emmie 25 Dec 1912
click to view detail Paul Rajaiah D 26 Dec 1975
click to view detail Stone Joseph Henry 9 October 1941
click to view detail Stone Henry Brassington 18 February 1915
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