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The data presented here are contributions made by a number of hardworking and enthusiastic individuals and a small army of FIBIS Volunteers. Some of the data found within this database is data taken from sources within the British Library's India Office Records Section (IOR) to whom thanks are also due for authority to publish them here.

It is a firm FIBIS policy that these data be provided free to all-comers and we hope that they prove to be of significant help in your research. A small number of files are viewable to paid members only. These, plus other data provided by some members have been made available to fellow members only.

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Recently Uploaded to the FIBIS Database:

Jul 2024

BMD, Marriages, Madras: St Patricks RC Church, Bangalore - Marriage Register 1840-1880. 514 entries, 49 images
Census, Enumeration Lists: Ambala Mar-Jun 1947 - Census of European British subjects & foreigners. 137 entries.
Education, Professions: Madras Nurses and Midwives Register 1940. 889 entries.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Calcutta: Old Mission Church Memorials. 18 entries, 15 images.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Simla/Shimla: Christ Church Memorials. 35 entries, 32 images.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Calcutta: St Andrews Church - Memorial tablets. 154 entries, 14 Images.
Ecclesiastical, Ministers: St Andrews Church - Clergy who served. 92 entries, 3 images.

Jun 2024

Cemeteries, Bengal, Dharamsala: St John in the Wilderness Cemetery - Graves. 39 entries, 69 images.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Calcutta: St Johns Church & Cemetery - Graves & MIs 129 entries, 51 images.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Calcutta: St James Church. Memorial tablets. 15 entries, 8 images.
Ecclesiastical, Ministers: St James Church. Vicars who served. 30 entries, 1 images.

May 2024

Railways, Co Records: Index of names EIR Personnel. Links to Fibiwiki Railway People Career timelines. 260 entries.
Maritime, Embarkation Lists: ship Protector 1835, partial list 25 entries.
Maritime, Embarkation Lists: ship Mountstuart Elphinstone 1835, partial list 49 entries.
Military, HEIC, Casualties: Casualty Returns European Madras Army. Casualty dates and effects. 657 entries.
Personal Papers, Letters: Davidson Papers 1778-1791. Index of names from 6 bound volumes (3 x2). 3 datasets, 3 fully transcribed pdfs. Vol 1a, 1b & 2.

Apr 2024

Military, HEIC, Musters, Registers: Registers of Bengal Army European Soldiers 1790-1860. Full soldier details, enlistment, embarkation etc. (24948 entries).
Military, Pensions & Funds: Gratuities for Families of British Soldiers in India, awarded to widows or children of NCOs and Soldiers killed or died in India 1880 (20 entries).
Military, HEIC, Casualties: Casualty Registers Fort St George Establishment 1802-1806 (2 datasets 415 entries).
Military, HEIC, Casualties: Casualty Registers Madras Establishment 1802-1806 (5 datasets 667 entries)
Military, HEIC, Musters, Registers: Register of European Invalids 1802 (121 entries).
Military, Awards, Honours, PO of India: Honour Roll, Honours & Awards, MiDs. Personnel who died, those given honours and Awards & those Mentioned in Despatches - WW1. (215 / 80 entries).
Military, Indian Army, Publications: List of Post Office personnel, Officers and Staff who served in the Great War and North-Western Frontier, 1914-1920 (5140 entries).
Military, Indian Army, Publications: List of Post Office personnel, who served in the Great War and North-Western Frontier, 1914-1920 - Photograph reference to pages in book (109 entries).
Cemeteries, Bengal, Calcutta: Lower Circular Road Cemetery. Graves - (42 entries, 34 images)

Mar 2024

Military, Disciplinary: Index of European and Natives facing Courts Martial (614 entries) and Subscriber list of book (278 entries)

Feb 2024

Cemeteries, Bengal, Barrackpore. Old Christian Cemetery Sadar Bazaar - Graves. 79 entries, 59 images, and additional Cenotaphs and entries added to St Bartholomews Cathedral, Barrackpore

Dec 2023

Cemeteries, Madras, Hyderabad. St Georges Church St Georges Church - Memorials. 9 entries, 8 images
Cemeteries, Bengal, Simla - Kanlog Cemetery, Simla - Grave transcriptions. 151 Entries, 198 Images

Nov 2023

Cemeteries, BACSA, Additional Graves & MIs. AP, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, UP Cemeteries - Grave Inscriptions & Plot Register. 2746 entries.
Cemeteries, Misc Graves, Madras cemeteries - Misc Grave Inscriptions. 11 entries 10 images - Transcriptions.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Delhi - Nicholson Cemetery. Graves 18 entries 23 images - Transcriptions.
Ecclesiastical, Ministers - Christ Church Fort Trichinopoly. 52 Entries, 1 Image. Clergy List - Transcriptions.
Cemeteries, Madras, Vellore - Central Church CSI Vellore. Graves 15 entries 26 images - Transcriptions.
Cemeteries, Madras, Vellore - St Marys Church Cemetery Ranipet. Graves & Memorial Tablets. 33 Entries 54 images - Transcriptions.
Cemeteries, Madras, Vellore - St Johns Church & Cemetery. Graves & Memorial Tablets. 31 entries 30 Images - Transcriptions.

Oct 2023

Cemeteries, Bengal, Serampore - Old Cemetery. 22 Entries, 15 Images. Graves - Transcriptions.
Cemeteries, Bengal, Darjeeling - St Andrews & Kurseong Cemetery. 10 entries, 14 images. Graves - Transcriptions.
Cemetery, Bengal, Lucknow - Christian Cemetery. 31 entries 55 images. Graves - Transcriptions.
Schools, St Pauls School, Darjeeling - School Captains, Cambridge Exams, WW2 kia, Memorials. 297 entries, 19 images. Memorials - Transcriptions.

Sep 2023

Military, WW1 - WO95/4813: Indore Imperial Service Transport Corps Dec 1915 to Mar 1919 - War Diary. 696 entries. Names of Officers, Men & Events.
Military, WW1 - WO95/4813: Bharatpur Imperial Service Transport Corps Dec 1915 to Mar 1919 - War Diary. 239 entries. Names of Officers, Men & Events
Military, WW1 - WO95/4813: 31 Mule Cart Corps Dec 1915 to Mar 1919 - War Diary. 82 entries. Names of Officers, Men & Events
Directories, Calendars & Directory. Maulmain Almanac & Directory 1844 - Civil Establishments. Schoos, Missionaries, Societies. Military in the Tenasserim Provinces. 473 entries
Census, Inhabitant & Occupations. Merchants & Agents. Maulmain Almanac & Directory 1844 - Subscribers List to the Directory. 628 entries
Maritime, Other Maritime Records. Maulmain Almanac & Directory 1844 - Vessels Built in Maulmain. 61 entries
BMD, Deaths & Burials, Published Deaths. Maulmain Almanac & Directory 1844 - Death Announcements. 9 entries
Military, WW1 - WO95/4813: 3 Mule Corps (Cavelry bde) Oct 1915 to Jan 1919 - War Diary. 104 entries. Names of Officers, Men & Events
Military, WW1 - WO95/4689: 1/72nd Punjabis Feb 1918 to May 1919 - War Diary. 296 entries. Names of Officers, Men & Events

Aug 2023

BMD, Madras Marriages - Trichinopoly, St Johns Church. 474 Entries 131 Images. Marriage Register (1842-1902)
BMD, Madras Baptisms - Trichinopoly, St Johns Church. 88 Entries 16 Images. Baptismal Register (1909-1923)
BMD, Madras Burials - Trichinopoly, St Johns Church. 651 Entries 121 Images. Burial Register (1895-1958)
Cemeteries, Madras, Kurnool/Karnal - Old Cantt Cemetery. 14 Entries, 15 Images. Grave Inscriptions - Transcription

Jul 2023

Cemeteries, Madras, Trichy - St Johns Church. 30 Entries, 27 Images. Memorial tablets inside church - Transcriptions
Cemeteries, Madras, Trichy - St Johns Cemetery. 301 Entries, 338 Images. Grave Inscriptions - Transcription


Cemeteries & MIs: Transcribed Grave Inscriptions and MIs

From the Menu List on the left, click on "Cemetery & Memorials" to view transcribed data taken from Cemetery Headstones and Monumental Inscriptions.
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Publications, Newspapers, Periodicals and Directories

Newspapers and periodicals are a great resource for tracing ancestors. If you have been unable to find a baptism, marriage or burial, or an arrival or departure on a passenger list, or various other events then it is worth checking some of the following indexes our volunteer transcribers have made.

Allens Indian Mail
(Births, Marriages and Deaths)
Asiatic Annual Register
(Births, Marriages and Deaths)
Asiatic Mirror and Commercial Advertiser
Benares Recorder
(Births, Marriages and Deaths)
Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce
(Births, Marriages and Deaths)
Calcutta Annual Register 1821
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
Calcutta Newpapers 1793
Gentlemans Magazine
(Deaths, Marriages)
Hickys Bengal Gazette
Journal of the Families In British India Society
(Members only access)
Madras Courier
Madras Mail
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
Parburys Oriental Herald, Colonial Intelligencer
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
South African Commercial Advertiser
(Christenings, Marriages Deaths)
Stirling Observer 1857
(Escapees from the Mutiny 1857)
Suffolk Regimental Gazette
(Births, Marriages, Deaths, Promotions, Awards, Sporting events)
The Bangalore Spectator
(Candidates for Examination in Bangalore Schools in 1894)
The European Magazine and London Review
(Bengal Army list, Births, Marriages, Deaths)
The London Gazette
The Times of India
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
The Times of India
Arrival and Departure Notices
The Times of London
The World 1794
Welsh publications
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
Directory: East India Register
(Births, Marriages, Deaths)
Directory: Samuel Smith and Co
Directory: Scotts Bengal Directory
Fibiwiki articles: Newspapers
Using Newspapers and various other sources in your research.
Fibiwiki articles: Passenger Lists
Using Passenger lists in your research.
Fibiwiki articles: Findmypast
Article: India Office Records on Findmypast.


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A Final Note: Every reasonable effort has been made to check the accuracy of the transcriptions. However, in view of the very large number of entries, it is possible that a few errors will have crept in. If so, we regret this but can accept no responsibility for any distraction that this may introduce. The records are nearly all provided with the IOR Catalogue Numbers and, where possible the LDS microfilm numbers, to enable your cross-checking, which is recommended.


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