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 India Navy Pension Fund & Family Details

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Date transcribed2008-00-00
Transcribed byPeter Rogers
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Note that Wives' and Childrens' Names are only listed in the full data list and do not appear in the Summary.

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IOR Ref:  L/AG/23/18/2 f.25    
First name(s)  Alfred S.    
Last name  Williams    
Rank  Captain    
Date of First (or only) Marriage  3 May 1841    
Place of First (or only) Marriage  Cannanore    
Name of First (or only) Wife  Pamela E.L.    
Surname of First (or only) Wife  Baird    
Child 1 Forename(s)  Alfred Charles    
Child 1 Details  Male, Born on 22 Jul 1842, at Calicut,     
Child 2 Forename(s)  Pamela Mary    
Child 2 Details  Female, born 8 Nov 1843, Calicut     
Child 3 First Name(s)  Richard Bird    
Child 3 Details  Male, born 8 Jan 1846 Calicut, died 12 May 1848     
Child 4 First Name(s)  William    
Child 4 Details  Male, born 11 Jan 1848, Calicut     
Child 5 Forename(s)  Alicia    
Child 5 Details  Female, born 11 Nov 1849, Calicut     
Child 6 Forename(s)  Henry Moseley    
Child 6 Details  Male, born 10 Mar 1852, Bath     
Child 7 Forename(s)  Annie Baird    
Child 7 Details  Female, born 21 Jan 1854 Bath, died 23 Dec 1858     
Child 8 Forename(s)  Mary Rose    
Child 8 Details  Female, born 15 Feb 1856, Bath     
Child 9 Forename(s)  Frances Maria    
Child 9 Details  Female, born 14 Apr 1858, Penymead Somerset     
Child 10 Forename(s)  Charles Baird    
Child 10 Details  Male, born 6 Apr 1860, Bath     
Child 11 Forename(s)  Annie Editha    
Child 11 Details  Female, born 12 Aug 1864, Bath.    
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Family Details of Pensioners in the Indian Navy and their families. Please note that family data was entered for the same officer for each rank that he held. So that a certain amount of the data are featured more than once.
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