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 Andhra Pradesh Cemeteries - Grave Inscriptions

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DescriptionList of additional Names and inscriptions in Andhra Pradesh State, taken from BACSA Mss Eur F370 files. Anantapur [F370-5]. Chicacole [F370-11]. Chittoor [F370-12]. Jagannickpur, Tallarevu Mandalam, Ramaraopeta, Samarlakota [F370-21]. Masulipatam [F370-23]. Palakol [F370-27].

Our thanks to BACSA for permitting FIBIS to publish these new entries.
Date transcribed2021-00-00
Transcribed byBetty Rudder, Don Freer, Denise Smith, Eva Chatterji, Kerry Palmer, Robin Kinloch, Rob Wilson
CommentTranscribed from - handwritten, typed, microfilm copies and photographs of the original headstones by members of BACSA and reproduced in these datasets by FIBIS volunteers.

The source of these entries are handwritten and typed pages of inscriptions taken from graves. Errors may have occurred when the original transcriptions took place. We have copied exactly what was written and in some instances you will see confirmation of name, dod, parents etc in the remarks column.

View all other items of "Surname" with value "Wildelandt" in "Andhra Pradesh Cemeteries - Grave Inscriptions" Surname  Wildelandt    
First Names  Lambert    
Father/ Husband Name  Bruyning    
Death year  1681    
Death Date  4 Apr    
Birth Date  27 Mar 1681    
Inscription  Here lies buried LAMBERT WILDELANDT son of BRUYNING WILDELANDT senior Chief of this comptoir (factory). Born at Daetcherom on the 27th of March Anno 1681. Deceased on the 4th April following. So that he was 8 days old. Hereunder are also buried [the rest cemented in]    
Notes / Remarks  Dutch gravestones Translated by J Lengen: Gravestones from the comptoir or factory Palicol, presently displayed in the garden of the Victoria Memorial Museum at Viyajawada    
Church, Cemetery  Dutch cemetery    
Town, City  Palakol    
District, State  West Godavari, AP    
IOR Mss Eur  F370/27    
Internal ref  Palakol_153556.jpg    
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Index of names. Transcribed from BACSA Cemetery Records held at the British Library IOR relating to India and Burma.
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