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 The World 1794

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Date transcribed2017-01-18
Transcribed byPeter Schofield
CommentNames transcribed from the single copy of The World newspaper, (dated 4th January 1794) held by the British Library. The newspaper was printed by James Leary, at No. 46 Cossitollah Street, Calcutta.

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Rank  Captain    
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Summary Remarks  Account from the Madras papers regarding the ship Prince of Wales being taken by a French privateer on the coast of Pedier. The ship was recaptured by two seamen Rea and Williams who rose up against the prime master and French seamen who were taking the prize to Mauritius. Their conduct was apparently highly meritorious. But subsequent it was found that they themselves were criminals and they were apprehended on Monday last and lodged in Fort William. Thomas Rea was lately a gunner of the Danish ship Denmark, but was discharged for mutinous conduct. He took passage with an English vessel the Fly towards Prince of Wales Island but was taken by the Brevan Chevi?, French privateer, Captain Lamplere. Rea became part of the privateer crew. They put in at Pulo Sumoy where they fell in with the Denmark, Captain Freeman, again and Rea got them to take the ship on the pretext that there was English goods aboard. The privateer also took the Snow Prince of Wales and both were to be taken to Mauritius. Williams, another English seaman on the privateer and Rea along with an Officer as prize master etc. and Pryor, a ship's cook were put on board the Prince of Wales to navigate her to Mauritius. They schemed to murder the Frenchmen and take the ship to Coringa. A dispute arose amongst the murderers about which port they should go for but they went to Madras. They eventually got to Pondicherry where the cargo was sold. Pryor the cook left them at Pondicherry and went to Madras where he gave evidence against Rea and Williams. The Government of Madras directed Captain Wilson, late of the Ship Hope to take charge of the vessel. The murderers went to Bengal so Pryor went to Calcutta to testify against them. They were committed to the Fort.    
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Date of Issue  4 Jan 1794    
Year  1794    
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