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 Colombo Register of Marriages P-R 1920 and 1922

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Transcribed byAlan Edmonds

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Register no  74    
Groom Surname  Pereira    
Groom First names  John Marcellus (Junior)    
Groom Age  29    
Groom Status  Bachelor    
Groom rank or profession  Proctor 3C & Notary Public    
Groom Nationality  Sinhalese    
Groom Residence  184 Colpetty    
Groom father  John Marcellus Pereira (Senior)    
Groom father Rank or Profession  Retired Chief Clerk, Stamp Department, General Post Office    
Bride Surname  Orloff    
Bride First names  Mabel Gertrude    
Bride Age  28    
Bridel status  Spinster    
Bride Occupation  Teacher & Secretary, Methodist College    
Bride Nationality  Burgher    
Bride Residence  The Methodist College, Colpetty    
Bride father  Norman Livingstone Sprole Orloff.    
Bride father Rank or Profession  Chief Inquiring RC(?)Inspector, CGR    
Place  Wesleyan Methodist Church, Colpetty    
Year  1920    
Month  September    
Day  20    
Witnesses  1. John Marcellus Pereira, 184 Colpetty, Retired Chief Clerk GPO; 2. Arthur Allan Lambe Jumeaux, Chief Engineer Perak ?. Or Kalulara Ceylon    
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Marriages of British India-related persons which took place outside India
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