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 List of Uncovenanted Europeans Employed at Fort St George
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List of Uncovenanted Europeans Employed at Fort St George 1819
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access denied Grant William 1802, January
access denied Vexon John 1803, September
access denied Flower A 1806, November
access denied Beacroft R J 1807, October
access denied Lane William 1807, September
access denied Ballard J 1808, July
access denied Kerbs L 1808, September
access denied Vexon John 1809, June
access denied Sterling L H 1809, September
access denied Macnamara Serjeant 1810, August
access denied Greig S H 1810, December
access denied Orme Robert 1810, February
access denied Hogg Thomas 1810, November
access denied Blyth Thomas 1810, November
access denied Cotes Henry 1811, February
access denied Heefke J L 1811, September
access denied Watts William 1812, March
access denied Ryder Robert 1812, March
access denied Borroman Robert 1812, May
access denied Collins John 1813, July
access denied McDaniel John 1813, May
access denied Neale Daniel 1814, September
access denied Sterling L H 1815, March
access denied Partingen H 1815, November
access denied Kerby James 1816, August
access denied Barrow John 1816, February
access denied Turner William 1816, January
access denied Anthoney J 1816, March
access denied Mathews B 1817, August
access denied Orme Frederick 1817, December
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