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 Alwar - St Andrews
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Indexes to photographs and transcriptions of gravestones and monumental inscriptions in Alwar
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Alwar - St Andrews
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click to view detail Ashcroft Nannie     4 Sep 1891 3y
click to view detail Cade Anna Catherine     31 Aug 1876 37y
click to view detail de Souza M J Guido Band Master   13 Aug 1917 76y
click to view detail de St Dalmas Margaret Christine     21 Sep 1879 27y
click to view detail DeSouze Anna Marie     25 Jul 1901 35y
click to view detail Goudoin G R Civil Surgeon   20 Aug 1920  
click to view detail Heatherly Eva     3 Dec 1892 44y
click to view detail Martin [nee] Plaugh Isabella Aileen     05 Apr 1900 22y 11y 7d
click to view detail Palmer William John Band Master   18 Jul 1888 46y 3m 20d
click to view detail Passanah Eva Ellen     10 Mar 1922 67y
click to view detail Passanah Sidney     17 Oct 1892 10y
click to view detail Passanah Tom     7 Jul 1885 5m
click to view detail Powlett Percy Lawrence     23 Dec 1875 18d
click to view detail Powlett Wilhelmina Anne     20 Jan 1876 35y
click to view detail Sharman          
click to view detail Sharman Florence Anne     Dec 1911  
click to view detail Wyatt Nora     25 Mar 1893 39y 10m 29d
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