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Welsh Newspapers Online (1804-1919) (http://newspapers.library.wales/home). 700 english language entries transcribed from the Family Notices that have a reference to 'Madras'. Transcribed by Peter Evans with the cooperation of the National Library of Wales.
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Madras Marriage notices
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click to view detail Tennant Thos Boone Everest   Pickard Cambridge Arabella Jane 1858 November 17
click to view detail Paxton G Captain H.M.'s Indian Forces (Madras) Pinkney Prudence Frances 1859 October 8
click to view detail Hughes J E Colonel Whitlock Caroline Gertrude 1870 January 11
click to view detail Shubrick Richard Captain 5th Madras Infantry Maclean Flora Ann 1849 February 8
click to view detail Turnbull Gavin Ainslie 12th Royal Lancers Myers Mary Isabella 1856 December 13
click to view detail Prust Charles Bateman 60th Rifles Murray Aynsley Emma 1867 October 8
click to view detail Howell Thomas Gwynne surgeon-major, Madras Army Davis Anna Jane 1874 October 22
click to view detail Holme Charles H   Phillipps Frances B 1877 October 25
click to view detail Gibson Frederic Edward Madras Civil Service Balfour Sophia Harriet 1872 August 29
click to view detail Ewbank William Withers Rev. Cooper Justina Elinor 1834 July 10
click to view detail Clutterbuck   Captain 38th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry James Amy 1844 February 1
click to view detail Baynes Charles Madras Civil Service Hill Maria Dyneley 1841 October 20
click to view detail Threlfall Charles   Jenkins Harriet Hannah Morris 1872 October 3
click to view detail Clough George Frederick   Smythe Catherine Mary 1889 July 2
click to view detail Stewart James Logan 7th Hussars Dormer Eveline Mary 1892 May 18
click to view detail Gunthorpe Edward James Captain Madras Staff Corps Rees Georgina Albina 1875 April 28
click to view detail Porter Herbert Edward Captain Madras Staff Corps Meager Alice 1890 September 6
click to view detail Gwynne Charles Brooke Rev. Miller Alice Louisa 1888 October 3
click to view detail Llewhellin George W   Pollnitz Blanche 1871 March 22
click to view detail Prust Charles Bateman 60th Rifles Murray Aynsley Emma 1867 October 8
click to view detail Thomas J Rev. Davis   1838 October 4
click to view detail Walker John Madras Civil Service Byers Amelia Broff 1835 October 27
click to view detail Stanton John surgeon Edwards Maria Margaret 1838 June 5
click to view detail Rowlandson Charles Madras Army Sorenson Ellen 1836 May 19
click to view detail Chatfield Rowland W Hon East India Company's Civil Service Tyler Gertrude Trevor 1834 March 22
click to view detail Brooke W J Major H.M.'s 30th Regiment Goodwyn Eliza Frances 1870 June 16
click to view detail Doering E   Orr Clementina Agnes 1870 April 7
click to view detail Hutchinson C H Major-Gen RFP RA (Madras) Western Catherine C 1870 September 15
click to view detail Playfair Charles S M Rev. Wyatt Margaret Louisa 1915 April 27
click to view detail O'Donoughue J J Major in the 34th Light Infantry, Hon. East India Company's service Hamilton Theodosia Catherine 1829 January 8
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